Projector Review: July 2006

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Canon LV-5210 Portable LCD Video Projector 2000 Lumens

Canon LV-5210Be prepared for a larger than life experience when using the LV-5210 projector. Native SVGA Resolution, Genuine Canon Optics, and a variety of video input terminals will easily transform your living room into the home theater of your dreams. Whether you are inspiring coworkers at the office or students in a classroom, the LV-5210 has what it takes to make any presentation outstanding.tanding.

Product Features
Lightweight multi-media projector
800 x 600 native resolution; NTSC compatible, HDTV ready
PC, video, S-video, and component video inputs
3 0.8-inch LCD panel system
Remote control; 3-year warranty

Product Description Product Description
Canon's LV-5210 video projector offers lightweight portability (just 6.4 pounds) and a variety of inputs. Displaying 800 x 600 native resolution, the LV-5210 offers flexible display settings when you're on the road. With a variable throw distance of 3.3 to 25.3 feet and a diagonal image size from 40 to 300 feet, the LV-5210 also features simple manual zoom and focus.

In addition to supporting your PC presentations, the LV-5210 offers video, S-video and component video inputs. It's NTSC compatible and even HDTV ready (480i, 480p, 575i, 575p, 720p, 1035i, and 1080i). It has a 1-watt internal audio amplifier plus a built-in 1.1-inch speaker. The projector is designed for use right out of the box, and includes a handy remote control, soft carrying case, and cables.

What's in the Box
LV-5210, wireless remote control unit, soft carrying case, mouse control cable (USB), computer cable (DVI-VGA), user guide, warranty information


I just bought this thing from Amazon and all I can say is WOW!!!!

This is probably the best purchase I have ever made. This thing is everything I ever expected and more!! It's easy to use as well - even my wife can operate it!

I have to say, everyone out there who is thinking of buying this, stop thinking. I bought it and I am extremely happy with it the moment I powered this thing on. YOU ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY CANNOT GO WRONG WITH THIS PURCHASE! I GUARANTEE IT!!!
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Benq MP610 DLP Projector VGA2000 Review

Benq MP610Enjoy perfect colors with the MP610's unique color matching technology. The new generation golden ration color wheel balances true color saturation and maximizes color accuracy. There are no limitations when using the MP610. It captures rich, true-to-life spectrums for the greatest visual satisfaction.To ensure whisper quiet operation, BenQ adopts special airflow design to cool down the system temperature, which creates a very effective sound baffle. The last color wheel mounting technique in its turn enhances stability. Because of this combination, the BenQ MP610 reduces audible noise to just 25 dB, ensuring an undisturbed meeting environment.

Technical Details
Resolution: 800 x 600
Brightness: 2000 ANSI Lumens
Contrast Ratio: 2000:1
No. of Colors: 16.7 million
Aspect Ratio: 4:3 Native/16:9 Selectable

Customer Review: FANTASTIC

When I first began searching for projectors, I saw them only as a very distant alternative to a flat-panel. I wanted to save space in my room and spend less than $700, so I figured a flat-panel display would be perfect for me. However, when I went searching for these TV's I realized the biggest screen I was going to get (for my budget) was somewhere between 23"-30" (if I wanted something with half-decent picture). At this point, I started looking for something I had previously only dreamed about, a projector. But I still only wanted to spend under $700.

Needless to say, I spent many hours online searching for a projector to match both my price specifications and quality. I narrowed my selection down to 3 or 4, the MP610 eventually won me over. I have had this projector only for this long 4th of July weekend, but I have tried my best to put it through its paces. Currently, I have everything connected to the Mp610, inclding: cable, Ps2, VCR, and my laptop. All look fanastic. The only problem I have with the Mp610 is the lack of connections that came with it.

I had a hell of a time connecting the audio (through computer speakers), and spent about $75 on misc. wires and connections. If you know your AV equipment than this item should be a fun challenge (as i thought it was), but if you don't then maybe get a more user friendly projector. Overall, this is a great buy (so far), and I have no real complaints. The projector looks great, runs quiet (but a little hot), and the picture is fantastic for the price.

Plus- I bought from amazon, standard shipping. Amazon estimated a 10-day delivery and it got here in 2-days. AWESOME.

Customer Review: BenQ MP610

With it's 2000 lumens and sleek black casing this projector ROCKS! The color saturation is one of the best that I have seen in it's price range. It also has a 4000 hour lamp (in eco mode) and is very quiet. The only disappointment is when you play XBOX360 in HD 1080i resolution the image does not fill the whole screen, (it's like watching a wide screen dvd movie w/ the black bars on top and bottom.) This is due to it's native resolution. For the price I feel that it was a very good investment and would recommend this to anyone who enjoys video games, sports and movies.
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Optoma DV10 MovieTime Home Theater DLP Projector With Built-In DVD Player

Optoma DV10The MovieTime DV10 is Optoma's first projector to include a built-in DVD player. Simply slip a DVD into the drive, point the projector at the nearest white wall, and you have instant home theater. There are also two 5-watt speakers on board, but an audio output allows you wire the DVD player to your external surround sound system. Featuring an 854x480 16:9 format DLP chip, it's rated at 1000 ANSI lumens and carries up to a very high 4000:1 contrast rating. Up to 4,000 - 1 contrast ratio Optical audio output Noise Level (typical) 28 dB (STD) / 27 dB (ECO) Lamp Type 200-watt Lamp - Lamp Life up to 2,000 (STD) /3,000 (ECO) hours Projected Image Size 48 to 359 Inches / Projection Distance 4.9 to 32.8 feet (1.5 to 10 meters) // We suggest purchasing an optional projection screen for best image Disc Media play compatibility - DVD, DVD-R,DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, Audio CD, CD-R, CD-RW and those with pre-recorded MP3 - WMA - JPEG files I/O Connectors Composite (RCA), D-sub 15 VGA(analog RGB/component/HDTV), S-Video, RS-232 communication, Stereo audio in, Stereo audio out, Optical audio out, AC power input Unit Dimensions (W x H x D) 14.5 x 4.6 x 10.7 Inches (368 x 117 x 273mm) / 7.8 Pounds Dual Volt power supply for international compatibility (USA plug provided) Integrated speakers generate up to 5 watts sound Optoma 2-year warranty on hardware, 60 day warranty on bulb

Technical Details
1000 ANSI Lumens
854 x 480 (480p) W-SVGA resolution
Up to 4,000 - 1 contrast ratio
16 - 9 aspect ratio
36 - 335 image size projected on wall or screen (for best resolution, contrast, and brightness, we suggest purchasing an optional screen)

More details....

Customer Review: If you're use to HD or looking for HD try something else

-I bought the DV10 recently as a supplement to my current setup - Phillips 42 HDTV and the OPPO upconverting DVD player, The DV10 did not perform as well as I had anticipated and I quickly noticed the difference in image quality. Both the DVD and HDTV display performance for the DV10 paled in comparison to the Phillips and OPPO setup.

-See the DV10 outputs at 480p whereas my Phillips is 720p/1080i ---huge difference! The HD content was a huge reduction in image quality to what I'm used to and the DVD video output was pathetic compared to the superior OPPO DVD player.

-I guess it's ok as a niche product. However, if you're used to true HDTV and have experienced the visional joys of an upconverting DVD player, then I strongly recommend not buying this product. Luckily, I was able to return the product for a full refund. Also, be weary of the lamp replacement cost.

Customer Review: Amazing Value

I had been looking at DLP projectors for a while, but hesitated to make a purchase because of my unfamiliarity with the technology and the cost of higher end projectors ($5000+). I decided to purchase the MovieTime because it allowed me to dip my toe in the projector pool at a very low price. Shopping around I paid $865, and this included a free 92" screen (a $200 value).

When the MovieTime arrived I simply set it on the floor, plugged it in, popped in a DVD, and had a 113" movie screen on my white wall. The picture quality was far better than I imagined, especially considering the price. The unit was quiet, and I didn't notice any burning plastic smell that other reviews have mentioned. The speakers are small and certainly don't provide a rib-rattling theater-like experience, but they are much better than I anticipated, easily filling a 12' x 14' room. MovieTime works best in a completely dark room, but the picture is acceptable on cloudy days as well.

After a few weeks I am extremely satisfied with this purchase. I am an old movie buff and it is a thrill to see these films on a large screen. My only complaints about the system are the lack of a backlit remote (hard to operate in the dark), and a few occurences of the audio and video getting out of sync after pausing a DVD (this was corrected by stopping the DVD and restarting it). Also, it would be nice if the product manual did a better job of explaining all of the various picture settings and options.

Overall, the picture quality, portability, and relatively low price make this an amazing value. Highly recommended.
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Sony Cineza VPLHS51A Home Theater Video Projector Review

Sony Cineza VPLHS51AThe Sony VPL-HS51 LCD front projector's versatile cabinet, light weight, and easy-to-use features make it ideal for home theater use. The projector employs 3 proprietary 720p LCD panels that together provide 2,764,800 pixels (1,280 x 720 native pixel resolution) optimized for high-definition video inputs such as those from a DTV set-top box. Compatible inputs include standard 480i, progressive-scan 480p, and high-definition 720p and 1080i signals.
Technical Details
Up to 10000:1 Contrast Ratio-Advanced Iris Auto Mode ON
Cinema Black Pro
Advanced Iris Function and Lamp Control
Lens Shift Function
All Range Crisp Focus Lens (ARC-F Lens) Real Color Processing Function
Sony's Advanced Iris function enables the projector to dynamically adjust the video image according to the level of the input signal, resulting in a high contrast ratio of up to 6,000:1 and reproduction of even the subtlest details. The projector's 1.6x zoom lens grants the projector a short throw distance, with the option to project on screen sizes of 40 to 200 inches. For placement considerations, you'll need to maintain anywhere from 4 to 6 feet of throw distance for a 40-inch screen to as much as 19 to 30 feet for a 200-inch screen.

You can easily adjust picture position using the lens-shift function, which broadens the projector's placement and installation options without distorting the image. Lens shift permits both horizontal and vertical adjustments, with a total shift of 2 picture heights, maximum up to maximum down and a total shift of 1 picture height, maximum left to maximum right. This allows for off-center positioning. You can mount the projector above the top of the screen or below the bottom of the screen, by up to half the screen's height.

An All Range Crisp-Focus (ARC-F) lens and powerful Real Color Processor (RCP) further enhance colors and images. The ARC-F lens offers an 8 percent focus improvement over standard projectors at screen center and a 20 percent improvement in focus at screen corners. And, with RCP, you can customize your picture by targeting specific items in a picture and fine-adjusting their color and hue without changing the overall picture's color and hue. For instance, you can fine-adjust the color of a strawberry without affecting human skin tones. Or you can alter the blue in a sky without affecting the color of water.

An advanced 12-bit panel driver brings high color graduation. This projector also offers a new HD I/P converter that improves not only NTSC video conversion but high-definition signals, as well. Further, the VPL-HS51's unique fan generates low noise for extremely quiet operation.

Supplied ImageDirector2 Gamma-control software enables Gamma adjustments to the VPL-HS51 via connection to a PC. Adjustments can be seen in real time, and personal preferences can be stored in the PC for future use. ImageDirector2 also works in conjunction with the Real Color Processing (RCP) function for precise picture adjustment.

Inputs and outputs include progressive-scan component-video, 2 composite-video, high-definition HDMI, S-video, USB, and a power on/off trigger. The HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) allows copy-protected, high-definition video content to be delivered from a DVI/HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection)-compatible set-top box. HDMI supports standard-definition (SD), enhanced definition (ED), or high-definition (HD) video, plus multi-channel digital audio--all using a single cable. It transmits all ATSC HDTV standards and supports up to 8-channel digital audio, with bandwidth to spare to accommodate future enhancements and requirements.

Optional projector accessories include a user-replaceable lamp (LMP-H130), a replacement air filter (PK-HS10FL), and suspension support (PSS-610).

What's in the Box Projector, a remote control (model RM-PJHS50), 2 AA remote batteries, an air filter (PK-HS10FL), a CD-ROM (ImageDirector2 Gamma-control software), a user's manual, and warranty/registration information.
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InFocus LP640 Business LCD Video Projector

InFocusProject your ideas in a big way with the InFocus Meeting Room Projector. It has a sleek design and features a 12-language, 3-51/64" polysilicon TFT LCD interactive display; XGA 1024x768 native resolution; zoom lens with manual focus and manual zoom adjust; 2200 max. ANSI lumens for outstanding brightness; front, rear and ceiling projection methods; 40" to 300" diagonal image size; menu, keypad, ProjectorManager, and RS 232 projector controls; 2-watt speaker; wireless connectivity with LiteShow module (sold separately); and much more. Includes navigator remote control; power cord; M1-A computer cable with USB mouse; 3.5mm computer audio cable; RCA audio/video cable; color-coded cable straps; soft carrying case; user's guide and CD. 4-1/8Hx11-3/5Wx10-2/7L".

Technical Details
1024 x 768 XGA native resolution, 4:3 aspect ratio
2,200 ANSI lumens of brightness, 400:1 contrast ratio
Zoom lens with manual zoom/focus; front/rear/ceiling projection
NTSC, PAL, SECAM, HDTV 1080i, 1080p, 720p, and 480p video compatibility
Optional wired and wireless networking


Customer Review: Solid Projector

Our company has used InFocus, including two of this particular projector, for years without problems. Of the four projector that we currently use (3 InFocus, 1 Sony), only the Sony has had problems (but I wouldn't use one experience to say that Sony is a bad company).

More importantly, this projector has good projection and lumens/light, and is very easy to use. We have done very little modification to the factory defaults (nor have we needed to) and have been very happy with the performance.
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Hitachi ILLUMINA ED-S3350 Home Theater Projector

Perfectly portable, nicely bright, and easy to set up, the HDTV theater-ready Hitachi Illumina ED-S3350 SVGA projector offers expanded connectivity and high performance. Weighing just 5.5 pounds and featuring a low 32 dB noise rating, the ED-S3350 offers a bright picture of 2000 ANSI Lumens in Power Up mode and a 1:1.2 manual zoom. The 800 x 600 SVGA resolution is projected in a 4:3 aspect ratio. Other features include a 400:1 contrast ratio, 1-watt mono speaker, 4x digital zoom, progressive scan, manual focus, gamma correction, reverse image function for ceiling mount, and a Kensington security slot for added protection. It offers the following connection options:

  • Composite AV In: 1
  • S-Video In: 1
  • Component In: 1
  • PC RGB In: 2
  • PC RGB Out: 1
  • Stereo mini-jack audio In: 2
  • Stereo mini-jack audio Out: 1
  • 9-pin D-Sub connector: 1
  • USB port (for mouse connection): 1

What's in the Box
Home theater/business projector, remote control (with batteries), RGB cable, filter cover, power cord, printed operating instructions

Technical Details
HDTV theater-ready SVGA projector; measures 11.7 x 2.5 x 9.2 inches (WxHxD) and weighs 5.5 pounds
2000 ANSI Lumens, 800 x 600 SVGA resolution, 400:1 contrast ratio
Low 32 dB noise rating, manual focus, gamma correction, 4x digital zoom
Inputs: 1 composite, 1 S-Video, 1 component, 2 VGA/ 1 VGA out, 1 USB
1-watt internal mono speaker; stereo mini-jack inputs and outputs

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Optoma H31 480p DLP Home Theater Projector review

Optoma H31 480pFeaturing Texas Instruments' DarkChip2 DLP (Digital Light Processing) technology, the Optoma H31 home theater projector brings HDTV programming, DVDs, and streaming video to life with astounding depth and clarity. Offering a movie theater-like experience, the H31 features a Pixelworks video scaler, de-interlacer, and advanced HD scaling, significantly optimizing video processing and frame-by-frame smoothness to unleash every aspect of the video as it was intended to be viewed--with any size from 28 to 304 inches.

Providing you the ability to tune the image to match the screen, the H31's advanced functions can address issues such as artifacts appearing on one or several of the edges of the image or the need to remove the bars that appear above or below or at the sides of the projected image. These settings can also be stored in memory.

The H31 is HDTV compatible with 720p, 480p widescreen (854 x 480), 1080i, and DVI with HDCP output for maximum clarity. The 850 lumens and four-speed six-segment color wheel ensure superior color reproduction with deeper, richer blacks, detailed nuances, and a full palate of bright colors. The included adjustable color matrix lets you set reds, greens, and blues independently for a truly customized experience.

Other features include multiple quick zoom presets, a digital lens shift with two positional memories, and automatic preset reloading whenever input signal resolution changes. Easy to setup and use, the projector comes with cables, remote, batteries, and more; it is backed by a two-year warranty (90 days on lamp).

Technical Details
850 typical lumens, 3,000:1 contrast ratio
Supports 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios
DVI-I with HDCP, RCA component, S-video, composite inputs
Supports RS-232 and IR remote control
Up to 2,000-hour lamp life, 3,000 hours in low-power mode


What's in the Box
Optoma H31 DLP projector, AC power cord, composite video cable, VGA to component adapter, S-video cable, remote control, two batteries, lens cap, user manual, warranty card

Customer Review: Excellent Cinema Quality. Worth every penny !!

I recently bought this product after about a month of research & Wow it really shows its worth as a true cinema projector straight out of the box.Although you may want to deactivate Keystone feature & tweak the white balance for enhanced picture quality. Do use the Component / DVI interfaces to your DVD player/ Laptop for a true 16:9 High Definition experiance. The unit is capable of displaying brilliant picture upto 16 ft across from 24-30 fts without losing the sharpness. The unit is absolutely quiet albeit emitting heat from the lamp, duly cooled by the in-built fan. The remote control is great with backlit buttons. Overall it easily surpasses both in quality & built when compared to most of the expensive projects available today.

Customer Review: !!!!!BEST BANG FOR BUCK EVER!!!!!

As Usual when I decided to by a projector for my home theatre and a bit of work, I did a lot of research (i really mean a lot) and finally got Optoma H31... Best investment ever made. This id the best projector avaliable in marke in this price range and even beats some pretty good one in higher price range too. The picture out of the box is really great, a tiny little bit on greener side for my taste, but otherwise excellent. Even my wife who i havd to fight with to get a projector was very impressed with the picture quality. Since it has a DVI input I bought a Toshiba DVD player with HDMI output and the picture really rocketed off then on, some of the dvds looked much better on DVI than on component connection. I must have watched over 80 movies since i got the projector in Dec 2005. Each and every movie was a great experience. Not to mention the superball in HDTV was awsome, mind blowing, blew all my friend off even before the game started. The Projector also comes with a carrying case making it easy and safe to carry along, also in the box are a couple of adaptors and cables which are ver usefull. The remote has a nice touch of glow when any key is pressed and slowly fading off. The keys on remote are pretty good to control the projector. So far I have not noticed any fan noise or light leakage to be distracted. There are enough inputs on the projector to plug in all type of cables. I even watch pictures & movies recorded on my canon sd500 digital camera which are great too.

I would highly suggest this projector for any one looking below $1000 price range and also above.
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