Projector Review: ViewSonic PJ1060 Office Theater Projector

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ViewSonic PJ1060 Office Theater Projector

ViewSonic PJ1060Professional presentations are a snap with ViewSonic's PJ1060 multimedia projector. Brilliant detail and vivid images are just two of the many reasons why it leads the XGA conference-room projection category. The PJ1060 features picture-in-picture for flexibility and Digital Keystone Correction so you can square the picture at almost any angle. The PJ1060 is perfect for use in conference rooms, auditoriums, large classrooms and religious sanctuaries. The addition of a ViewSonic wide-angle lens or long-throw lens allows you to produce excellent images from most any distance, and if you want to use a rear-screen application the PJ1060 can easily accommodate. No matter what kind of lighting or audience you're working with, you're sure to appreciate the performance of the PJ1060.

With the ViewSonic PJ 1060 Office Theater Projector, giving professional presentations will be a snap! Image is everything with a projector, and with this one your pictures will be brilliant and vivid. That's because the PJ 1060 offers high resolution at 1,024 x 768 plus brightness from the XGA 2000 ANSI lumens lamp, so you'll have the convenience of making your presentation without having to dim the lights.

Offering picture-in-picture capability, this projector will not only enhance your presentation but your audience's viewing experience as well. The picture-in-picture feature will allow you to view video and computer data simultaneously. Digital keystone correction means you can square the picture from any angle. And two ports mean you can connect two computers simultaneously. The PJ 1060 is PC and Macintosh compatible.

Other features of the PJ 1060 include a wireless remote with image freeze and magnify and a built-in mouse and laser pointer. A power focus and power zoom lens will deliver your images to a display of 30 to 300 inches (measured diagonally). Stereo speakers are also included. The PJ 1060 has been designed to be portable, so it weighs only 13.2 pounds. Its dimensions are 11.4 by 4.9 by 15.5 inches. This projector is backed by ViewSonic's free and convenient 24-hour technical support, as well as a three-year limited warranty (only 90 days on the lamp). --Linda Anderson

ViewSonic PJ1060 Details:

# LCD type: 1.3-inch polysilcon (x3) stripe pixel, TFT active matrix
# Pixel format: 2,359,296 (1,024 x 768 x 3)
# Lens: Power focus, power zoom
# Display size: 30 to 300 inches (measured diagonally)
# Focus distance: 3.6 to 36 feet
# Lamp: 190 watts, compact UHB (ultrahigh brightness)
# Brightness: 2,000 ANSI lumens (peak)
# Contrast ratio: 200:1
# Speakers: Stereo
# Power: 2 watts (1 watt x 2)
# Video input signal: RGB analog, NTSC, PAL, SECAM, S-Video
# Synch input signal: H/V separated (TTL)
# Frequency input signal: Fh
# Compatibility: PC and compatibles (from VGA to 1,280 by 1,024 noninterlaced), Power Mac (up to 1,280 x 1,024)
# RGB input connector: 15-pin HD, mini D-sub x 2
# RGB output connector: 15-pin HD, Mini D-sub (x1)
# Video connector: RCA x 1 (composite)
# S-Video connector: S-connector (separate)
# Audio connector: M3 stereo minijack x 2, RCA x 2 (left, right)
# Voltage: 100 to 240 volts, 50 to 60 Hz, auto switch
# Power use: 370 watts
# Physical controls: Standby on/off, menu (left, right, up, down), input, reset, mute
# Remote: Power, menu, volume +/-, mute, laser, freeze, magnify +/-, menu on, mouse on, mouse left/right, timer, input, position on, cursor, reset
# Onscreen controls: Volume, brightness, contrast, sharpness, V/H position, H-phase, H-size, color, tint, color balance, input select, keystone, video detect (auto, NTSC, PAL, SECAM, M-PAL), mirror, blank, startup, COM speed, COM bits, timer, 7 languages, auto off, startup
# Other features: DDC1, DDC2B, H/V mirror image, controllable through RS-232 port
# Dimensions: 11.4 by 4.9 by 15.5 inches
# Weight: 13.2 pounds
# Warranty: 3 years (limited), 90 days on lamp

Customer Review: Home Theater Powerhouse

I bought my PJ1060 for a home theatre setup. The 2000 lumen projection is more than adequate for daytime viewing of a 100" diagonal DA-Lite screen (projection distance ~15'). With inversion and keystoning features, I was able to mount the projector upside down from the ceiling using a third party mounting kit. Since I have a TV-tuner card (ATI All-in-Wonder Radeon) in my computer, I watch TV in 1024 x 768 resolution RGB mode, as opposed to Video mode. The quality is super. Projection of PC DVD movies is even better. I have had my projector for a year now without problems, operating it on average, several hours a day . I have not had to replace the bulb yet. The only reason I'm not giving the projector 5 stars, is that it does not support 1280x1024 non-interlaced. However, in my opinion, the price/performance ratio is excellent.

Customer Review: Light, handy and useful!
This very light, portable projector is perfect for small conference rooms. It is easy to set up and connects in a snap to your laptop. Don't leave home without it!

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