Projector Review: Optoma DV10 MovieTime Home Theater DLP Projector With Built-In DVD Player

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Optoma DV10 MovieTime Home Theater DLP Projector With Built-In DVD Player

Optoma DV10The MovieTime DV10 is Optoma's first projector to include a built-in DVD player. Simply slip a DVD into the drive, point the projector at the nearest white wall, and you have instant home theater. There are also two 5-watt speakers on board, but an audio output allows you wire the DVD player to your external surround sound system. Featuring an 854x480 16:9 format DLP chip, it's rated at 1000 ANSI lumens and carries up to a very high 4000:1 contrast rating. Up to 4,000 - 1 contrast ratio Optical audio output Noise Level (typical) 28 dB (STD) / 27 dB (ECO) Lamp Type 200-watt Lamp - Lamp Life up to 2,000 (STD) /3,000 (ECO) hours Projected Image Size 48 to 359 Inches / Projection Distance 4.9 to 32.8 feet (1.5 to 10 meters) // We suggest purchasing an optional projection screen for best image Disc Media play compatibility - DVD, DVD-R,DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, Audio CD, CD-R, CD-RW and those with pre-recorded MP3 - WMA - JPEG files I/O Connectors Composite (RCA), D-sub 15 VGA(analog RGB/component/HDTV), S-Video, RS-232 communication, Stereo audio in, Stereo audio out, Optical audio out, AC power input Unit Dimensions (W x H x D) 14.5 x 4.6 x 10.7 Inches (368 x 117 x 273mm) / 7.8 Pounds Dual Volt power supply for international compatibility (USA plug provided) Integrated speakers generate up to 5 watts sound Optoma 2-year warranty on hardware, 60 day warranty on bulb

Technical Details
1000 ANSI Lumens
854 x 480 (480p) W-SVGA resolution
Up to 4,000 - 1 contrast ratio
16 - 9 aspect ratio
36 - 335 image size projected on wall or screen (for best resolution, contrast, and brightness, we suggest purchasing an optional screen)

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Customer Review: If you're use to HD or looking for HD try something else

-I bought the DV10 recently as a supplement to my current setup - Phillips 42 HDTV and the OPPO upconverting DVD player, The DV10 did not perform as well as I had anticipated and I quickly noticed the difference in image quality. Both the DVD and HDTV display performance for the DV10 paled in comparison to the Phillips and OPPO setup.

-See the DV10 outputs at 480p whereas my Phillips is 720p/1080i ---huge difference! The HD content was a huge reduction in image quality to what I'm used to and the DVD video output was pathetic compared to the superior OPPO DVD player.

-I guess it's ok as a niche product. However, if you're used to true HDTV and have experienced the visional joys of an upconverting DVD player, then I strongly recommend not buying this product. Luckily, I was able to return the product for a full refund. Also, be weary of the lamp replacement cost.

Customer Review: Amazing Value

I had been looking at DLP projectors for a while, but hesitated to make a purchase because of my unfamiliarity with the technology and the cost of higher end projectors ($5000+). I decided to purchase the MovieTime because it allowed me to dip my toe in the projector pool at a very low price. Shopping around I paid $865, and this included a free 92" screen (a $200 value).

When the MovieTime arrived I simply set it on the floor, plugged it in, popped in a DVD, and had a 113" movie screen on my white wall. The picture quality was far better than I imagined, especially considering the price. The unit was quiet, and I didn't notice any burning plastic smell that other reviews have mentioned. The speakers are small and certainly don't provide a rib-rattling theater-like experience, but they are much better than I anticipated, easily filling a 12' x 14' room. MovieTime works best in a completely dark room, but the picture is acceptable on cloudy days as well.

After a few weeks I am extremely satisfied with this purchase. I am an old movie buff and it is a thrill to see these films on a large screen. My only complaints about the system are the lack of a backlit remote (hard to operate in the dark), and a few occurences of the audio and video getting out of sync after pausing a DVD (this was corrected by stopping the DVD and restarting it). Also, it would be nice if the product manual did a better job of explaining all of the various picture settings and options.

Overall, the picture quality, portability, and relatively low price make this an amazing value. Highly recommended.
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